How to Install a Free Trial onto an Apple Device

Apple iPhone and iPod Touch applications are installed directly through a wireless connection and do not require syncing to the desktop. Once you have installed the Medical Wizards Library application, you will be able to download a free trial version of each title, so that you can test each one before purchase.

** You will need wireless access to complete this installation.

1. Install the Medical Wizards Library application from the App Store (on your device, click the App Store icon and search for 'Medical Wizards').
2. Once the Medical Wizards Library application is installed on your device, tap the Medical Wizards icon on your device, and select 'Catalog' in the bottom menu.
3. Tap 'All Titles' and then tap the title that you would like to try.
4. Tap the blue circle arrow button which will open the 'Title Details' screen.
5. Tap 'Try now' and then once the trial is ready, tap 'Updates' in the bottom menu.
6. Tap the 'Check for Updates' button and then tap it again to begin the download and installation. Once the installation is complete, tap 'Library' in the bottom menu to take you to the Library screen where you will see the icon for your new title.