Support Announcement for Palm OS and Windows Mobile

Dear Valued Customer,

They say the only constant in life is change, and in software development, nothing could be more true. After more than a decade as the standard operating systems for mobile devices, Palm OS and Windows Mobile have faded into the background, dwarfed by the popularity of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. At Medical Wizards, we have responded to this change with the introduction of our library on Apple a year ago, and more recently Android.

Both of these new operating systems make possible features and capabilities that as developers, we couldn’t take advantage of before, and for long-time users, you may be seeing some of these new enhancements as the software on your newer devices updates. Unfortunately, for users of old devices, we are not able to make the same features available on older platforms where the technology just doesn’t permit it.

As a consequence of this operating system shift, we are discontinuing official support for Palms OS and Windows Mobile platforms effective April 30th, 2012. If you have already made the shift to devices running Apple iOS or Android, this change will not impact you. For those still using Palm OS or Windows Mobile, here are a few important items to keep in mind:

  • between now and April 30th, 2012, your software will continue to work as intended, and you will continue to receive updates you are entitled to under the terms of your subscription. After April 30th, 2012, your software will continue to operate until the expiration date of your subscription, but the software will no longer update;
  • between now and April 30th, 2012, you will also continue to have full access to our talented support team to troubleshoot any issues you may have. After April 30th, 2012, our support team will continue to do its best to help you, but will have more limited options available to them when it comes to issues that may require changes to the software.

We appreciate this change may cause complications for some of our loyal users, and for that we apologize. Our goal in providing this notice a year in advance is to help make the transition as smooth as possible, and our entire team is focused on working with our customers to enable that. If you have any questions about what this news means for you, please to not hesitate to contact us at (800) 462-0388, or

For current Palm OS and Windows Mobile users, we hope you will continue to enjoy our products on your existing devices during this period and we hope to see you on Apple iOS or Android.

The Medical Wizards Team