International Sales

A significant portion of Medical Wizards sales are derived outside the United States. Our products are only certified for use in the United States, so those who use our software outside the country - do so at their own risk. Most of the drug protocols however are dosed in a consistent manner everywhere in the world, so we have many satisfied customers globally.

International users will find some differences in the names of drugs (both trade name and generic) from what may be present in your country (e.g. Epinephrine in the United States = Adrenaline in Commonwealth Countries) etc.

To test a product's relevance in your country, download a free trial here.

"I am a French pediatrician who works in a pediatric intensive care unit. I work with your software every day - Excellent reference for Pediatrics. ECG, Vitals, Toxicology info, Murmur eval, drug reference and drip calculators. The best variety of info and it comes close to bringing all needed info into one program. Thanks for making it available!" - Fredaric Fries.