Clinical Handbook for Gerontological Nursing  1.0

The Clinical Handbook of Gerontological Nursing provides students with information concerning the health of senior patients. This reference offers quick answers regarding common health problems all in an easy to use handheld format.

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The Clinical Handbook for Gerontological Nursing is a convenient, practical tool that gives students the confidence they need in their care of older patients. This handy reference emphasizes critical thinking and the application of the nursing process in a portable, quick reference guide, which makes it easy for students to apply in clinical settings and quickly find the answers they need.

The Clinical Handbook covers the most common health problems nursing students are likely to encounter when providing care to older persons. The conditions appear in order and are organized by system of the body.

Features included in this resource:
-Overview including the definition of the condition, its presentation in the older patient, incidence and basic underlying pathophysiology
-Risk factors and causes when known
-Diagnostic tests most frequently helpful for diagnosing the condition and interpretation of abnormal findings
-Nursing assessment instruments and best practices in the care of older patients
-Nursing management techniques most commonly used and reporting guidelines
-Teaching guidelines appropriate for older persons and their families

Every effort has been made to ensure that this resource is as accurate, current, and practical as possible so that users can find ready answers to clinical problems.

Patricia A. Tabloski

Clinical Handbook for Gerontological Nursing, Copyright Pearson Prentice Hall. All rights reserved.