Medical Language STAT!  1.0

Medical Language STAT! was designed to provide easy and quick access to medical terminology. This is a great tool for Health care professionals and students alike.

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Medical Language STAT! is a quick-reference guide that gives you access to medical language information rapidly and efficiently. This easy to use guide will help you whether you are a medical student or a health care professional. Medical Language STAT! will give you the ability to look up definitions, acronyms, synonyms and much more. Your confidence will grow as your medical diction expands.

The contents of this guide are drawn from the comprehensive, bestselling book 'Medical Language'. Using this guide will help you with the following:

  • Break down and build medical words

  • Look up medical word parts and their definitions

  • Identify medical word synonyms

  • Define Medical abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols

  • Analyze laboratory tests, values, and their meaning

  • Classify drugs by drug category, therapeutic action, and drug name

  • Distinguish between sound-alike medical words

  • Review full-color illustrations of the anatomy of body systems

This quick-reference guide works hard for you, so that you can concentrate on medical language in your studies and your job. There is no need to fuss around with heavy books, when this program along with others can fit in your palm.

Every effort has been made to ensure that this resource is as accurate, current, and practical as possible so that users can find ready answers to clinical problems.

Susan M. Turley, RN
James F. Allen Jr., RN

Medical Language STAT!, Copyright 2009 Pearson Prentice Hall. All rights reserved.