@Hand: Dermatology Checklist  1.0

@Hand: Dermatology Checklist is part of the @Hand series of authoritative works that address the challenges of caring for patients from initial work-up through ongoing management of treatment.

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@Hand: Dermatology Checklist presents the differential diagnosis of over 95 of the most common and important cutaneous diseases, in a convenient, easy-to-use checklist format to ensure you have evaluated all possibilities during patient work-up and beyond. Lab work-up recommendations and a step-wise outline of the treatment options are also included to ensure the most effective course of action. This is an invaluable program for all dermatologists.

Topics covered include:

  • Did you Consider?

  • Don't Miss Dangerous Situations

  • Commonly Encountered Situations

  • Clinical Considerations

  • Lab work-up recommendations

  • Step-wise outline of therapeutic modalities and treatment options

This all-original program was created specifically for use on mobile devices to provide quick and easy access to useful information. You will gain practical guidance at the point of care for the full range of dermatological diseases, allowing you to properly treat and manage your patients without missing any steps along the way.

This product includes free content updates for 1 year following purchase.

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