Clinical Handbook for Fundamentals of Nursing (9th Ed)  1.0

This clinical companion serves as a quick reference to the fundamentals of nursing care for students in clinical areas.

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Clinical Handbook for Fundamentals of Nursing: Concepts, Process, and Practice serves as a valuable resource for students in the clinical area. It provides concise information to guide you as you begin this exciting and challenging component of your nursing program. To keep this practical guide compact and portable, we have summarized key information designed to reinforce content that first must be learned thoroughly and carefully from Fundamentals of Nursing.

This popular handbook has been transformed into an easy-to-use handheld application, enabling quick access to valuable information on your mobile device. The information is organized alphabetically into logical units to facilitate quick retrieval of the most vital information. As you gain expertise in the clinical area, we believe you will continue to consult the Clinical Handbook for Fundamentals of Nursing again and again.


  • Unit 1: Fundamental Nursing introduces the nursing process, delegation principles, and communication guidelines

  • Unit 2: Assessment and Diagnosis reviews the processes for conducting a health history and physical examination. A complete list of the current North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) nursing diagnoses is included.

  • Unit 3: Planning and Implementation provides summaries of clinically related topics that you can expect to encounter on a routine basis.

  • Unit 4: Documentation and Evaluation presents documentation and evaluation principles.

  • Unit 5: Quick Reference presents essential reference material, allowing you to retrieve valuable information quickly.

Features include:

  • Standard precautions

  • Documentation guidelines

  • Lab values

  • Diagnostic tests

  • NANDA nursing diagnoses

  • Safety guidelines

  • And more!

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