Clinical Handbook for Medical-Surgical Nursing (5th Ed)  1.0

This clinical companion serves as a quick reference to accompany Medical-Surgical Nursing, allowing you to bring the information you learn from class into the clinical setting.

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Clinical Handbook for Medical-Surgical Nursing: Critical Thinking in Client Care is a useful reference guide that allows nursing students and professionals to quickly find answers to common clinical problems when caring for patients. This title by Pearson Prentice Hall provides essential information in an easy-to-follow format, allowing nurses to respond quickly when a client's condition changes or when assigned to a new patient.

This popular handbook has been transformed into an easy-to-use handheld application, enabling instant access to valuable information on your mobile device. The application provides complete coverage of the most common health problems nurses are likely to encounter. The conditions appear in alphabetical order for quick retrieval of the most vital information.

Key Features:
Clinical Handbook for Medical-Surgical Nursing presents varying amounts of information about each condition according to its prevalence and/or seriousness.

  • Overview: includes the definition of the condition, its classification within other categories, incidence, and basic pathophysiologic mechanisms.

  • Causes: lists actual causes, when known, or provides a risk-factor assessment when appropriate.

  • Manifestations: appear in order of those most characteristic of the condition to those less frequently encountered.

  • Diagnostic Tests: include the most frequently used laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging tests, and/or other testing methods, as well as the significance of abnormal results.

  • Interdisciplinary Management: lists the medications and treatments most commonly associated with each condition.

  • Selected Nursing Diagnoses with Interventions: lists the high priority nursing diagnoses with related nursing interventions.

  • Community-Based Care: provides teaching topics and referral sources, as appropriate, for clients who are being discharged from a healthcare facility or who provide self-care at home.

  • Cross-references guide students to more detailed information available

Clinical Handbook for Medical-Surgical Nursing, Copyright Pearson Prentice Hall. All rights reserved.