Clinical Handbook for Pediatric Nursing (2nd Ed)  1.0

Written by leaders in the field of Pediatric Nursing, this pocket reference is ideal as a quick reference to pediatric nursing - perfect for clinicals.

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Clinical Handbook for Pediatric Nursing provides general information on growth and development, vital signs, assessment, and information specific to the care of children in the community or hospital. This popular handbook has been transformed into an easy-to-use handheld application, enabling quick access to valuable information on your mobile device.

Some of the topics covered in this application include principles of pediatric medications, pain management, immunization schedules, and an overview of clinical and nursing management for conditions organized by body systems. Each content area includes key information about clinical therapy and nursing processes to plan appropriate nursing management. Critical nursing assessments and interventions are identified, and specific examples are given regarding documentation of care. This application will enhance your clinical knowledge to help nurses provide safe, competent care to all children.

Features include:

  • Child Concepts and Application

  • Health Promotion and Maintenance Through Childhood.

  • Child Health Care Settings and Considerations.

  • Health Conditions: Episodic to End-of-Life.

  • Nursing Care of Specific Health Conditions.

Appendices include:

  • Physical Growth Charts

  • Recommended Dietary Allowances

  • Normal Laboratory Values

  • West Nomogram-Body Surface Areas

  • Assessment of Emergency Conditions

  • Commonly Used Emergency Drugs

  • Diagnostic Tests and Procedures, and much more.

Jane W. Ball, RN, CPNP, DrPH
Ruth C. Bindler, RNC, PhD
Kay J. Cowen, RNC, MSN

Clinical Handbook for Pediatric Nursing, Copyright Pearson Prentice Hall. All rights reserved.