Prentice Hall IV Drug Guide 2011-2012  1.0

The Prentice Hall IV Drug Guide 2011-2012 serves as a quick reference drug guide. The features and advanced functionality will provide you with the best information regarding drug administration.

iPhone OS

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Prentice Hall Intravenous Drug Guide 2011-2012 is a comprehensive and reliable reference application designed to provide useful drug administration information. The clear and logical design of the intravenous drug monographs facilitates decision making, enabling you to be quicker on your feet.

This popular guide has been transformed into an easy-to-use handheld application, allowing quick access to valuable information on your mobile device. The information is well organized for use by nurse clinicians and medical students alike. Drugs are listed alphabetically, and pharmacological classifications are paired with therapeutic classifications for every drug monograph. Each drug is indexed by both generic and trade names, making it easier for you to locate individual drug monographs.

Features Include:

  • Information on dosages, rates of administration and solution preparation based on age or weight.

  • US schedules of controlled substances.

  • Access Critical dosage adjustment by age, disease or side affect.

  • FDA pregnancy categories.

  • Provide safe, effective nursing care with clear guidelines for assessment and patient and family teaching

  • Recommendations for the safe handling of cytotoxic drugs.

  • Toxicity grades associated with Chemotherapy.