5-Minute Clinical Consult 2015  5.0

5-Minute Clinical Consult 2015 is a comprehensive clinical reference that presents the latest evidence based information about medical conditions. In this edition you will find new features and advanced functionality for your mobile device.

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5-Minute Clinical Consult from Medical Wizards quickly answers your questions about the diagnosis and management of more than 715 medical conditions seen in everyday practice. Organized in a proven format and designed specifically for use on mobile devices, all topics are concise, consistent, and action-oriented. In this edition, you will find all of the standard features associated with this cornerstone reference, plus new 2015 features:

New Algorithms 2015:

  • Ageusia

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Diagnosis and Management

  • Cervical Hyperextension Injury

  • Concussion, Pediatric

  • Constipation, Diagnosis and Treatment (Adult)

  • Constipation, Treatment (Pediatric)

  • Contraception

  • Lead Toxicity, Diagnosis and Treatment (Adult)

  • Metabolic Acidosis

  • Monocytosis

  • Neuropathy, Peripheral

  • Opioid Dependence

  • Pain, Chronic

  • Pain, Chronic, Treatment

  • Salicylate Poisoning, Acute, Treatment

  • Thyroid Nodule

  • Tonsillar Exudates

New Topics 2015:
  • Arnold Chiari Malformation

  • Bed Bugs

  • Budd Chiari Syndrome

  • Cyberbullying

  • Dengue Fever

  • Leriche Syndrome

  • Long QT Interval

  • Neuropathy, Autonomic

  • Neuropathy, Peripheral

  • Pneumatosis Intestinalis

  • Preauricular Abscess

  • Rhinitis, Nonallergic

  • Schistosomiasis

  • Striae Distensae

  • Vocal Cord Dysfunction

This best-selling handheld reference places increasing emphasis on evidence-based medicine, highlighting treatments supported by sound clinical studies. Each topic presented includes cited references for your convenience.

This product includes free content updates for 1 year following purchase.

Medical Wizards has partnered with Lippincott Williams & Wilkins to bring you this popular application. Authors: Frank J. Domino, MD, Robert A Baldor, MD, Jeremy Golding, MD, Jill A Grimes, MD, FAAFP.