NP ToolBox  8.1

NP ToolBox provides task specific modules from the award-winning EM Suite product for the NP working in the critical care, emergency or primary care environment.

iPhone OS

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NP ToolBox is a premium medical calculator and rapid reference for the Nurse Practitioner working in the Critical Care, Emergency or Primary Care Environment. Healthcare providers have been able to reduce valuable time, stress, and error by using this product. This product also provides substantial textbook type content in 300+ areas with a focus on emergency topics.

NP ToolBox Updated Features:

  • Automatic product updates delivered directly to your device
  • All modules updated and expanded to represent updates in content and protocols
  • New topics, clinical calculators, and drugs added to every module
  • Improved content for our international users in AU, CA, NZ and UK


Abx Wizard:
A miniature antibiotic guide, showing recommendations by condition with integrated drug dosing calculator for both children and adults

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Protocols carefully adapted for rapid viewing and implementation

A large number of well-developed calculation tools for the critical care, emergency medicine and/or pediatric providers

Fluid Wizard/Burn %BSA Wizard:
Pediatric & Adult Burn Fluid calculator based upon the Parkland formula, Pediatric bolus, and maintenance fluid calculator combined with an incredibly useful %BSA Burn Calculator for both pediatrics and adults that adjusts % of each body region for age

NP Consult:
Over 300 areas of textbook type content

Pediatric Advanced Life Support Protocols carefully adapted for rapid viewing and implementation

Complete dosing guide with integrated calculators for IV/IM/PO antibiotics for neonates and pediatrics, searchable by alpha or antibiotic class

Pediatric Code module with top selections that include all needed drugs for a given condition (e.g. status epilepticus) with a single selection, based upon underlying condition PLUS rapid calculation of doses of over 30 drugs and interventions needed for pediatric critical care. Each item automatically includes ventilator and tube sizing based upon weight

Extensive dosing guide with integrated calculators for a wide range of pediatric drugs including most routinely used non-antibiotic pediatric drugs

Rapid calculator for pediatric antipyretics

Pediatric growth chart module, based upon 2000 CDC data, with height, weight, head circumference, BMI, and Z scores

A quick reference to pediatric over-the-counter medications

Sedation Meds:
Calculate doses of agents used for procedural (conscious) sedation for adults and children

Comprehensive Toxicology Information divided into an overview section, detailed information on ingestions/overdoses, antidote calculator, and poison center phone numbers both U.S. and international

* This product is subscription based and will function for 1 year following purchase/registration. During this period all regular auto updates and support will be free.