ToolBox Series

EM Suite and ToolBox Series Software Now Available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

We are thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated release of our award-winning Medical Wizards ToolBox Series software for the Apple platform. Get your favorite ToolBox product on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to keep essential information and calculations tools at your fingertips.

The ToolBox Series software titles include:

Click on each title to learn more and purchase for your Apple device today.

New Features

  • Automatic product updates directly from your device

  • All modules updated and expanded to represent updates in content and protocols

  • New topics, clinical calculators, and drugs added to every module

  • Improved content for international users in AU, CA, NZ and UK

  • Free trial versions of each Toolbox product

About the Medical Wizards ToolBox Series

For over ten years, healthcare professionals have been turning to the Medical Wizards ToolBox products for a quick and easy reference to vital medical information and calculation tools on their mobile device. Proven to reduce time, stress and errors, the award-winning ToolBox Series will help you provide quality care for your patients.

The ToolBox Series includes 11 popular software titles designed for everyday use by the busy healthcare professional. EM Suite, our most popular program, includes the complete collection of ToolBox modules from Medical Wizards. The other ten programs include select modules drawn from the EM Suite program, specifically developed to be useful for each medical specialty.