New Releases

Medical Wizards software for Android

Medical Wizards now offers over 100 titles for Android devices through the Medical Wizards Library application.

Medical Wizards Library Features:

  • FREE application download through the Android Market on your device.
  • One central application to host all your titles from the award-winning EM Suite, 5MCC, Davis's Drug Guide, and the popular @Hand series.
  • Large catalog of medical titles for a wide range of professions and specialties.
  • Instantly purchase subscriptions to your favorite Medical Wizards titles directly from your device.
  • FREE trial version of each software title.
  • Cross-reference and search medical topics across multiple purchased titles at once with the global search tool.
  • Automatic product updates and notifications.
  • Free 90 day subscription to @Hand: Chief Complaints in Pediatrics included with application download (a $29.00 value).

Join the Medical Wizards world today! Follow the steps below to get started with Medical Wizards on your Android device:

Android applications are installed directly through a wireless connection and do not require syncing to the desktop. Once you have installed the Medical Wizards Library application, you will be able to download a free trial of each title so that you can test each product before purchase.

** You will need wireless internet access to complete this installation.
  1. Install the Medical Wizards Library application from the Android Market (on your device, tap the Market icon and search for Medical Wizards™ and then install the Medical Wizards Library).

  2. Once the Medical Wizards Library application is installed on your device, tap the Medical Wizards icon to open the application and then tap the menu button on your device.

  3. Tapping the menu button on your device will open the following menu options: Add-ons, Search, My Account, and Updates, tap Add-ons™.

  4. In Add-ons™ you will see a list of product categories. Tap All Titles™ to view all of the Medical Wizards products and then tap the title that you would like to try.

  5. Tap the grey circle arrow button which will open the Title Details™ screen.

  6. Tap the Try for 10 days™ button. The application will automatically initiate the updates process to get the free trial.

  7. Once the application has finished checking for updates and has found the file, tap the Install update™ button to download and install the product to your device.

  8. When the installation is complete, the updates screen will clear. Tap the menu button on your device and then the Home™ icon to return to the Home screen to view your new product.

  9. You will see the icon for the product has been added to the Home screen. Tap the icon to open the product.