Congratulations!!! Your product Nurse's ToolBox (Palm) is recognized as the best software application in its category and is officially announced as a winner of the pdaPointer's Editors' Choice Award for the month of January 2003 in the Medical, Science & Education category for Palm. PdaPointer.com Editor's Choice Awards are given every month to honor the top software products in ten main categories. This is our and customer's opportunity to recognize innovation and excellence.

- Editors' Awards Team

"PediSuite has a terrific array of features and information. One of the best is its ability to provide accurate drug dosing information combined with calculated doses based on the weight of your patient. There are dosing recommendations and calculations for neonatal and pediatric drips, code medications, oral and IV antibiotics, inpatient and outpatient medications of all kinds, as well as over the counter remedies. This allows you to look up the dose and calculate the amount needed within the same program. The range of medications really is impressive. Also it includes neonatal information that many current references do not include. "

- Pediatricsonhand.com

RNpalm applauds Medical Wizards for their foresight and thoughtful compilation of PediSuite by awarding them the NFP Award. We can hear the professionals caring for pediatric patients clapping loudly across the continent.

- Sylvia Suszka-Hildebrandt, RNpalm

Medical Wizards has entered the mobile healthcare applications market with guns a blazing. Their release of a timely, first class application specific to pediatrics could not have come at a more appropriate time ...

This pediatric specific reference provides accurate, current data as presented in their modular multifunctional software written for the Palm OS. PediSuite provides both calculations and informational functionality for pediatric healthcare professionals.

- PDA Cortex

From a Handango user:
Rating: 5 out of 5
One line summary: Everything an ER nurse needs plus the kitchen sink!
Description: This program is great! Everything a ER nurse and Doctor needs at their fingertips! Very user friendly! I recommend this product to any ER nurse. It beats any other guide hands down!! I am a traveling ER nurse and this thing is a must have!

- NurseBuck from Decatur, AL

"We purchased it for all of our pharmacists in our 3-hospital system and are delighted with the ER&ICU Toolbox! Our pharmacists use it regularly during emergencies..."

- Kelly Martin, Jr., R.Ph. Pharmaceutical Care Manager, Franciscan Health System

"Thank you for a terrific program. It is very useful and complete. I work in a very busy PICU and find the information invaluable. I'm also a transport nurse for critically ill children and would not leave without my palm and your program. Thanks again!"

- Scott Raymond RN COS

"I’ve been using ERSuite almost exclusively in the ER and I can honestly say, that if I was limited to only one PDA application, this would be the one to choose. Since purchasing it, I have been using it constantly. One night in the cardiac resuscitation room I had two critical patients, both intubated and on multiple drips including lytics, pressors, and sedation with paralytics. Not once did I have to leave the room to go to the medication room or consult with any of my colleagues to acquire needed information about dosing or how to mix the drugs. ERSuite had everything I needed. Keep up the good work."

- John McKenna, R.N.

"We purchased ER Suite for our flight program. It has proven to be very useful in the field as well as in the hospital, for both pediatric and adult patients. Obviously every second counts in these situations and ER Suite certainly saves time. I would recommend this product to any emergency or critical care professional."

- Kyle Madigan RN, CEN, CFRN, CCRN
Training and Eduction Coordinator
Flight Nurse
California Shock/Trauma Air Rescue

"As a practicing RN at a Level II trauma center with approximately 38,000 patient visits per year, I can attest to the reliability, accuracy, and comprehensiveness of Medical Wizards ERSuite of products. I would be lost without them and highly recommend any or all of the components to those healthcare professionals committed to providing the best possible patient care."

- Peter M. RN

"After being in the acute care area for over 20 years as a Critical Care Paramedic and an RN, I have tried many resource books and this is the best program that I have ever seen. This program has been a true lifesaver for me in my everyday job as an ER nurse. I have tried both the Palm and the iPAQ versions of this program and they are one of the best tools that an ER/ICU nurse or Paramedic can have on their side. I would strongly recommend this to all nurses and Paramedics."

- Michael Lovelace, RN, CCEMT-P, EMTP-T

"Folks, playing with the UDG trial - this is a really cool item! Even on my M515, and installed to the SD card, the speed is good. Everything is linked, built in calculator, nicely done!

Really nice to look up via trade names, too! Better than that - Well done! Kudos to Medical Wizards! This'll be my choice come clinical time!"

- Scott Erdley

"Have used ERSuite for 2 years and just upgraded a few months ago...great changes! Just tried the Ultimate Drug Guide and in two days know it is the best product for ER nurses without a doubt. Thank you and please keep providing us with the finest in PPC software!"

- Tom Lavery RN

From a PalmGear user:
"Ultimate Drug Guide: Excellent program for nurses. Has built in calculators to facilitate and speed the process of calculating the right dose, especially on critical care drips. Has a great deal of nursing specific information. Better than ePocrates for the nurse!"

- Andrew Bowman

"Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with your products. They are full of features, easy to use, and your support of Mac OS should be commended. Keep up the good work!"

- Mark Carl, RN

"Just writing to say, ER Suite is fantastic. Your program is very comprehensive, easy to use, gives me information at my fingertips, even solves the age old mystery of pediatric fluid resuscitation ! Two thumbs up !"

- Deborah Colony MD

"I've recently purchased Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards & Muscles Flash Cards from Medical Wizards. I'm a sports therapist working in England and about to start a course with the English Football Association for the treatment and management of injuries. I have been studying from various anatomy text books and physiology books but I am finding it hard to store all this information that I am reading, and my brain is becoming confused with the vast amount of text and information. After purchasing this software for my palm device I am really starting to enjoy studying again and my memory is getting better. I think the software that I have purchased from medical wizards is fantastic. The whole program is far better than reading from books. Having to click on the image is great then reading the text means I can test myself on each item.

It would be nice to see your company produce a software package for sporting injuries and muscle testing.

Thanks for producing some quality software.

- All the best David"

Handango.com user:
"This program is amazing! Never thought it was possible to have such high quality pictures on my Palm. Love it and would recommend it without hesitation."

- Jim McCarthy

Handango.com user:
"I am currently taking Anatomy and purchased Netters Anatomy. I was shocked to find out how much this has helped me. I showed my instructor and he was amazed at the program. Great job!"

Handango.com user:
This software rocks! With literally hundreds of different slides of Dr. Netter's beautifully rendered dissections, easy to read labels, well-written descriptions, and elegantly organized structure, this should be required software in medical school or even on the wards. The price is steep, but since you get the ability to carry around an entire atlas in the palm of your hand, it's well worth it!